Home Products Canopy Tents Custom Pop Up Tent Canopy:5x5ft Dye Sublimated Print Canopy
Custom Pop Up Tent Canopy:5x5ft Dye Sublimated Print Canopy
Custom Pop Up Tent Canopy:5x5ft Dye Sublimated Print Canopy
Custom Pop Up Tent Canopy:5x5ft Dye Sublimated Print Canopy
Custom Pop Up Tent Canopy:5x5ft Dye Sublimated Print Canopy
Custom Pop Up Tent Canopy:5x5ft Dye Sublimated Print Canopy
Custom Pop Up Tent Canopy:5x5ft Dye Sublimated Print Canopy
Custom Pop Up Tent Canopy:5x5ft Dye Sublimated Print Canopy
Custom Pop Up Tent Canopy:5x5ft Dye Sublimated Print Canopy

Custom Pop Up Tent Canopy:5x5ft Dye Sublimated Print Canopy

Quality Merchants

The 5×5 Canopy is a compact and convenient outdoor shelter that offers reliable shade and protection in a smaller footprint. Perfect for intimate gatherings, picnics, or as an additional shelter for larger events, this canopy provides respite from the sun and light rain. Its manageable size and quality design make it a versatile choice for various outdoor activities.


  • 5′ x 5′ Deluxe – Hexagonal Aluminium Canopy Frame

  • 5′ x 5′ Dye Sublimated Print Canopy Roof

  • Light Weight  Ground Stakes & Ropes

  • Black Nylon Carry Bag

  • (4) Velcro Loop Added To Inside Of Valance Edge (Easy To Connect Full Walls)


What included in 5×5 custom canopy package 1

600D Polyester Roller Bags


Key Benefits Of 5×5 logo Print Canopy Tent

Shade and Sun Protection

One-piece fully assembled anodized-coated Aliminum frame 190T water-resistant and fire-retardant polyester top Aluminum backing provides 99% UV protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays also vented canopy top for cooler shade and improved airflow Accented eaves trim protecting you and your guests from the sun’s harmful UV rays. This is especially important for outdoor events, parties, picnics, and trade shows.

Portable and Easy to Set Up

5×5 canopy tents are typically lightweight and designed for easy transportation. They can be set up quickly by a small team without the need for specialized tools or equipment.


Compared to renting indoor event spaces or constructing permanent structures, canopy tents are a cost-effective solution for accommodating guests or merchandise outdoors.


These tents are versatile and can be used for various purposes, including outdoor parties, festivals, camping, sporting events, farmers’ markets, trade shows, and more.





The quality of the printing process is really important when adding your company branding to your custom canopy tent, custom walls, and other event signage chosen to create your pop up event display. We use dye sublimation printing which is one of the highest quality print methods available for large format outdoor graphics. Sublimation printed polyester material won’t scratch, scuff or fade easily. Our aluminum frames are also designed with durability in mind – we expect our customers to constantly set up and take down their tents week after week, year after year.


The straight-leg design increases the shade space of the tent, giving you more space to attract potential customers while Aluminum frames are typically designed for easy assembly, with components that fit together seamlessly. They may include features like snap buttons or quick-release mechanisms for convenient setup. We offer the highest quality aluminum frames with durable, eye-catching anodized coatings.


Tent walls are one of our most popular pop up tent accessories. Available in full height and half height sizes, they provide additional protection from wind and rain whilst also providing extra space at eye level to deliver your brand message. We can fully customize pop up tent walls to include logos, images, patterns and more – and we’ll match your brand Pantone colors. Our custom tents with walls are often used to support experiential activation’s.



We’ve specialized in custom for almost 20 years! We love working with our clients to bring their visions to life with custom graphics and custom design elements. We have a range of custom tent packages that helps clients choose the right type of booth setup, but we’re also able to create a completely custom tent if needed. Examples include adding walls, half walls, flags, table covers and more.


Our most popular tent sizes are 10×10, 10×15 and 10×20 but we stock a wide range of frame sizes; our smallest is 5×5 and largest is 10×20. Tents can be joined together using our frame connector brackets to create even larger event spaces – pair two of our biggest 10×20 tents and you’ll have a huge 400 sq ft event space! 

Our full range of standard sizes is: 5×5, 6.5×6.5,10×10,10×15, 10×20, 13×13, 16×16,20×20,23×23 and 26×26.


Introduce Your Brand in Style with Customized 5×5 Pop Up Canopy Tents


Promotional events are key opportunities for brands to connect with consumers and make memorable impressions. However, standing out in a busy environment takes thoughtful presentation and design. Custom pop up canopy tents enable companies to instantly grab attention while displaying their visual identity and key messages.

For impactful and functional event setups, customized 5×5 pop up canopies are ideal. Let’s explore why brand customization is a smart investment and how to make the most of your own 5×5 printed canopy:


Attract Attention with Bold Graphics

Even the most vibrant trade show floor is filled with white tents sporting generic logos. Custom canopies printed edge-to-edge in your branding transform you into the star of the show. Passersby can’t help but take notice.

Full-color dye sublimated printing technology allows translating your visual assets into life-like imagery across the entire canopy. Photos, logos, text, and graphics pop in sharp detail. Sublimation directly injects ink into the tent fabric for durability.

Your custom tent immediately tells your brand story. Promote services, highlight products, and convey core messages through stunning visuals on all sides of the canopy.


Make Lasting Brand Connections

Research shows that good visual design doubles the chances that consumers will remember a brand message or offer. Custom printing makes your canopy not just visible – but unforgettable.

Vibrant colors, photos, and graphics create an immersive brand experience. Customers engage at an emotional level beyond just reading text. When they leave your tent, your brand stays top-of-mind.

The days after a promotional event are critical. Custom canopies deliver lasting impressions that spur website visits, social shares, and buying decisions. Photos posted by attendees will continue showcasing your brand online.


Build a Consistent Brand Image

Today’s savvy consumers expect unified brand presentation across all touchpoints and channels. A custom printed canopy aligns seamlessly with other assets like website graphics, product packaging, branded apparel, and more.

Consistent visual identity makes you look more polished while reinforcing core brand qualities in customers’ minds. They’ll recognize you anywhere thanks to your customized tent branding.

For far-reaching impact, many brands also opt for printed tables, chairs, table covers, flags, and other accessories matching their canopies. Full custom sets deliver 360 degrees of influence.


Functionality Meets Customization

Along with eye-catching style, our customized 5×5 pop up tents deliver rugged performance. The canopy tops feature silver UV-coated interiors for maximum sun protection. Frames are built from rust-resistant, lightweight steel for easy transport and setup.

Special powder-coated finishes are also available to match your canopy colors. Increase weight capacity with sturdier commercial-grade frames. For rainy conditions, upgrade to waterproof polyester covers. Sidewalls and weighted bags offer additional weather protection.

Our pop up tents fold down into compact carry bags. Each canopy can be ready to showcase your brand in just minutes thanks to the quick pop up assembly design. Add your graphics and hit the event circuit all season long.


Built to Promote Season after Season

Custom printed canopies are smart investments that pay dividends through years of use across multiple events and campaigns. We only use commercial-grade materials designed to last.

The dye sublimation printing process ensures your graphics won’t scratch, peel, or fade over time. Vibrant colors look just as bold even after extensive use and cleaning.

Premium 210D oxford tent fabric stands up to wear while blocking UV rays. Don’t waste money replacing generic tents – our customized canopies deliver lasting performance.

Promotional tents should build your company up, not weigh you down. Our lightweight 5×5 canopies make transport, setup, and teardown fast and easy with every use. Carry bags protect your graphics when not in use.


Design Your Dream Tent – No Minimum Order!

Whether you need one eye-catching tent or a batch for a major campaign, we make the process simple. Our online Design Lab allows you to instantly mock up custom canopy and accessory designs with your assets. Photo-realistic 3D previews let you visualize finished results.

We handle printing, production, and shipping in-house to ensure you receive exactly what you expect. With no minimum order quantity, we make amazing branding accessible for businesses of all sizes.

Contact our promotional specialists today to request a free custom quote. Give your brand the customized tent it deserves for upcoming marketing events!