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Plastic Shredder 1000 Type PP/PVC/ABS Plastic Crushing
Plastic Shredder 1000 Type PP/PVC/ABS Plastic Crushing
Plastic Shredder 1000 Type PP/PVC/ABS Plastic Crushing
Plastic Shredder 1000 Type PP/PVC/ABS Plastic Crushing
Plastic Shredder 1000 Type PP/PVC/ABS Plastic Crushing
Plastic Shredder 1000 Type PP/PVC/ABS Plastic Crushing

Plastic Shredder 1000 Type PP/PVC/ABS Plastic Crushing

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Introducing the robust Plastic shredder 1000, engineered to meet the demanding needs of PP, PVC, and ABS plastic crushing. This powerhouse is designed for efficiency and reliability, capable of handling a variety of plastic materials, ensuring a smooth and cost-effective operation. With its high-throughput capabilities and precision engineering, the Plastic Crusher 1000 stands out as an essential tool for recycling plants, manufacturing facilities, and any business looking to streamline their plastic waste management. Experience the ease of maintenance and the durability of this machine, making it a smart investment for long-term productivity.


Plastic shredder are machines used to reduce the size of plastic scrap and waste. They are a critical component of plastic recycling facilities. Shredders break down large plastic parts, bottles, containers, and film into small, uniform pieces called "flakes" or "granules." These small plastic pieces can then be more easily processed and remanufactured into new plastic products.

Shredding plastics is an important first step in the recycling process. It enables easier material handling and separation of different plastic types. It also increases the surface area of the plastics for more effective washing, sorting, and melting processes further down the line. Without shredders, plastic recycling would be far less efficient and economical. Their ability to quickly and consistently break down scrap and waste plastics makes them indispensable equipment for plastic recyclers.

Working Rrinciple

Plastic shredders use rotating cutters or hammers to grind, tear, and break down plastic material into small pieces. The plastic waste is fed into the shredder through a hopper or conveyor belt. It then passes through the cutting chamber where it is impacted by high-speed rotating blades, hammers, or knives.

The cutting edges continuously slice the plastic into smaller and smaller pieces. The size of the output flakes or chips depends on the screen or grate size installed on the discharge side. After shredding, the plastic fragments fall through the grating and are usually sent to the next stage of washing or separation.

Shredders can process rigid plastics like bottles, jugs, buckets, crates as well as softer films and plastic bags. The cutting action tears the plastic material apart while friction and impact help tear it into shreds. Some shredders can handle unwashed plastic with dirt, paper labels, and caps. The shredding process effectively cleans the plastic and prepares it for further recycling processes.

Product choice

Blade shredders use rotating blades to tear and rip the plastic into shreds. They are best suited for rigid plastics like bottles, jugs, buckets, drums etc. Blade shredders produce flakes or shreds typically 10-100 mm in size. Popular models include the sinusoidal reciprocating cutter and rotary shear shredder.

Granulators use a grinding action instead of cutting to break down the plastics. They consist of a rotating rotor embedded with blades that pulverize the plastic into fine granules 2-10 mm in size. Granulators work best on softer plastics like film, plastic bags, plastic sheets etc. They produce very consistently sized granules suited for reprocessing into new products.

In summary:

  1. Blade shredders (reciprocating or rotary shear) are good for rigid plastics. Produce 10-100 mm flakes.

  2. Granulators are ideal for soft plastics like films and bags. Output is fine 2-10 mm granules.

The choice depends on the type of scrap plastic feedstock and desired output size for further recycling processes. Both technologies produce reusable plastic chips and granules from waste plastic.

Purchase Guide

Plastic waste is a growing concern worldwide, with tons of plastic material discarded daily. Proper recycling of plastic scrap and waste is crucial for sustainability. This is where the Sinuode waste plastic crusher steps in to enable efficient size reduction of plastics for recycling.

The Sinuode plastic crusher is an industrial shredder designed specifically for shredding plastic material into reusable flakes or granules. With a high production capacity of 350-450 kg/hour, it can quickly and effectively shred a wide variety of plastic types including PVC, ABS, PP, and PE.

Advanced Design for Powerful Performance

This plastic shredder features an innovative and robust design optimized for efficient size reduction. It uses strong, thick steel cutting blades driven by a powerful 15 kW motor to tear through plastic material. The large 610x360 mm crushing chamber provides ample space for high throughput shredding.

The heavy-duty construction with a total weight of 950 kg ensures stability during continuous operation. The closed design with sound insulation minimizes operational noise. Overall, the shredder is built for rugged performance, high uptime, and low maintenance costs.

Versatile Shredding Capabilities

The Sinuode plastic shredder is engineered to shred diverse plastic types and forms. It can effortlessly crush plastic barrels, containers, bottles, drums, crates, and films. The uniquely designed blades provide excellent grip and tearing action on both rigid and soft plastics.

The output plastic flakes and granules are sized between 10 to 100 mm using an adjustable screen. This appropriately sized plastic scrap is ideal for further processing in washing, separation, extrusion, and pelletization units.

Safety and Convenience Features

The well-engineered design prioritizes safety and ease of use. It has an emergency stop button, overload protection system, and safe power switch placement to prevent accidents. The crusher also comes with handy features like auto start/stop, easy blade access, and a dust-proof discharge port for convenience.

The feeding hopper has a sloped design for efficient material loading. Once inside the cutting chamber, the high rotational force and specially designed rotors shred the plastic rapidly and consistently. The process runs smoothly with low noise and dust generation.

Wide Application in Plastic Recycling

With its versatility and high performance, this Sinuode plastic crusher has diverse applications in the plastic recycling sector. It is indispensable equipment in plastic recovery facilities, recycling plants, and waste management centers. The shredded plastic output can be reused to manufacture new plastic goods, thereby enabling a circular economy.

Other uses include shredding plastic waste for energy production in pyrolysis and incineration processes. The crusher also supports plastic preparation in 3D printing filament manufacturing units. Overall, it is a valuable asset for organizations engaged in reducing and repurposing plastic waste.

Quality and Reliability Assured

The Sinuode plastic shredder is manufactured by Zhejiang Sinuode Machinery Co., Ltd, a reputable company with rich experience in recycling equipment. Each unit undergoes rigorous testing and inspection protocols before delivery.

Sinuode provides a 1-year warranty on the core components including the motor, gearbox, and bearings. Customers also receive a machinery test report and video recording as proof of quality. With a strong commitment to product support and service, Sinuode ensures customer satisfaction.

Conclude Your Search with Sinuode

In your search for an efficient, heavy-duty plastic shredder, look no further than the technologically advanced Sinuode plastic crusher. With robust construction, high throughput, versatility across plastics, and competitive pricing, it delivers maximum value.

Transform your plastic waste into reusable materials, lower your recycling costs, improve sustainability - with the Sinuode plastic shredder. Contact the company today for more details on this high-performance, eco-friendly solution for your plastic recycling plant.

Maintenance Guidelines:

  1. Regularly check bolts, rivets for looseness and tighten if needed to prevent falling off.

  2. Keep drive system gears, chains properly lubricated with adequate oil.

  3. Check core components like motors, reducers for abnormal noise/heating - stop and inspect if found.

  4. Regularly clear dust, debris to maintain good internal ventilation.

  5. Check cutting blades before each shift for wear, deformation, replace as needed.

  6. Conduct comprehensive maintenance & servicing after scheduled intervals.

Operation Guidelines:

  1. Check power connections, oil levels, dust filtration before startup.

  2. Slowly increase motor power, check for normal operation.

  3. Feed in suitable batches, avoid overloading causing clogs.

  4. Avoid input of rebar, metals etc. to prevent blade damage.

  5. Adjust blade gap to obtain desired output size.

  6. Observe shredding performance, adjust blade clearance if unsatisfactory.

  7. Listen for abnormal noises, stop immediately if heard.

  8. Disconnect power, clear out residuals after use.

Following these maintenance and operation tips can minimize breakdowns, maximize the plastic shredder's lifespan, and enable optimal performance.