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According to different processing capacities, plastic crushers can be divided into three categories: small, medium and large types. Small plastic crushers have relatively low capacity and simple structure; medium plastic crushers have medium capacity and use gear reducers for transmission; large plastic crushers have the maximum capacity and adopt twin-motor twin-inlet designs.

According to different plastic materials being crushed, they can also be classified into PET specialty crushers, PE/PP specialty crushers, PVC specialty crushers, mixed plastic crushers, etc. The designs of different models are all optimized to suit the characteristics of various plastics.

In addition to fixed crushers, automatic feeding devices, sieving systems, dust removal systems can also be configured to form complete automated plastic crushing production lines.

  • Intelligent hdpe pp pe hard scraps Plastic Color Sorter

    Intelligent hdpe pp pe hard scraps Plastic Color Sorter

    This intelligent plastic color sorting system is engineered to accurately separate HDPE, PP, PE plastic scraps for efficient recycling.

    It utilizes advanced near infrared sensor technology and an innovative air ejection system to identify and sort plastics by color and resin type. Sophisticated software algorithms ensure precise detection even on opaque black plastics.

    The machine first singulates the plastic stream and scans each piece to determine its composition. Within milliseconds, bursts of compressed air eject target plastics into the appropriate sorting bins.

    With a processing capacity up to 2 tonnes per hour, this automated color sorter greatly improves separation accuracy over manual methods. The closed-loop air system ensures a clean working environment.

    Easy to operate, the system provides real-time production data and diagnostics on a user-friendly touchscreen interface. The PLC-controlled sorter requires minimal maintenance for 24/7 operation.

    Upgrade your plastic recycling line cost-effectively today! This HDPE PP PE color sorter will boost productivity, purity, profits. Customization available. Contact us for a quote!

  • Hot Sale 600 Double Shaft Scrap Metal Plastic Metal shredder shred industrial metal Scrap iron shred

    Hot Sale 600 Double Shaft Scrap Metal Plastic Metal shredder shred industrial metal Scrap iron shred

    Now on hot sale - our rugged 600mm double shaft scrap metal shredder, designed for efficient shredding of industrial metal scrap, e-scrap, plastics, wood, paper, and other materials.

    This industrial shredder features two sets of sharp hexagonal cutters stacked in a staggered formation on two parallel shafts. This interlocked arrangement provides excellent cutting action to tear through tough, bulky scraps with ease.

    Powered by premium hydraulic drives and motors up to 75kw, the double shaft shredder has very high torque and throughput capability. It effectively reduces large chunks of metal, plastic barrels, wood, pallets into small pieces <50mm in size.

    The machine has a heavy-duty welded steel frame and reinforced hopper to withstand high impacts. The shafts and cutters are made of hardened steel for longevity and resistance to wear and abrasion.

    This scrap metal shredder processes up to 6 tons per hour depending on material and motor power. Low operation noise, dust-free shredding, minimal heat generation, and low power consumption.

    Get it now at unbeatable prices for recycling centers, metal scrap yards, waste management facilities, and factories. 1 year warranty and lifetime service provided. CE certified and meets international standards. Contact us for a custom quote today!

  • 800 double shaft shredder for crushing large pieces of material and fine crushing

    800 double shaft shredder for crushing large pieces of material and fine crushing

    • Double shaft shredders have two parallel shafts fitted with an array of cutters that rotate in opposite directions and intermesh. This allows for high throughput shredding.

    • An 800 double shaft shredder generally indicates the cutting chamber is 800mm wide. Common sizes range from 600-1200mm.

    • These industrial shredders are heavily constructed, often over 10 tons, to handle large pieces of dense materials. Common materials are plastics, wood, paper, tires, metals, and e-waste.

    • They are typically used as the initial coarse shredding step in a multi-stage size reduction process. The output is usually 50-300mm pieces.

    • An 800 shredder can typically process 5-50 tons per hour depending on the material and desired output size.

    • After coarse shredding, the material often goes through additional shredders, granulators, or grinders for fine crushing into powders or small granules under 10mm.

    • Key components of double shaft shredders are the cutters, shafts, bearings, drive system (electric or hydraulic), hopper, and discharge system. Proper maintenance is critical.

    • They are normally equipped with features for safety and noise/dust reduction. Explosion protection is critical when shredding combustible materials.

  • Customized knifes pet bottle washing and crushing machine

    Customized knifes pet bottle washing and crushing machine

    This pet bottle recycling system is engineered for efficiently washing, crushing, and preparing post-consumer PET bottles for further processing.

    It features an industrial-grade stainless steel knife mill designed for grinding wet PET flakes. The heavy-duty, customized knife assembly thoroughly shreds the shredded plastic from the bottle crusher into smaller flakes ready for washing.

    The system also includes an integrated bottle washing unit that efficiently removes labels, residue, and impurities from whole PET bottles prior to crushing. Rotating spray nozzles blast the bottles clean.

    An automatic feeder transfers the crushed clean PET flakes to the next stage for drying or extrusion. All modules are seamlessly integrated to maximize process efficiency and minimize labor.

    With robust construction and easy access for maintenance, this customizable pet bottle recycling system provides high throughput and reliably processes even difficult bottles. The knife mill and other components can be adapted to match specific yield requirements.

    Get in touch with us today to learn more about integrating this washing and crushing machine into your PET recycling operations!

  • Waste plastic recycling plastic crusher machine 500

    Waste plastic recycling plastic crusher machine 500

    Introducing our heavy-duty plastic crusher machine designed for waste plastic recycling applications. With a throughput of up to 500kg per hour, this unit is ideal for processing plastic bottles, containers, sheets, and other scrap into reusable flakes and powders.

    At the core is a high-torque motor and specialized crushing blade assembly that shreds plastic material into uniform chips. The heavy-duty steel welded frame and hopper provide durability for rugged use.

    An adjustable screen with replaceable sieve allows control over particle size from 5mm to 20mm. The crushed plastic particles are cleanly separated from dirt and dust for improved recycled plastic quality.

    Easy to operate and maintain, the plastic crusher has low power consumption and noise. All parts are wear-resistant for long service life. Portability allows flexibility in setup location.

    Get efficient plastic size reduction with this affordable recycling equipment! Optional accessories like magnetic separators, dust collectors, and conveyors are also available. Customization of hopper, discharge and more upon request. Contact us today!

  • The Super Fast Plastic Crusher - Crush Plastics with Ease

    The Super Fast Plastic Crusher - Crush Plastics with Ease

    Introducing the SuperFast Plastic Crusher, the revolutionary new device that makes recycling plastics easier than ever. With its powerful crushing mechanism and large hopper, the SuperFast Plastic Crusher can break down even the toughest plastics in seconds.

    This electric-powered crusher uses hardened steel blades to quickly shred plastic bottles, containers, packaging, and more into small, uniform pieces. It's perfect for recycling centers, factories, and anywhere large volumes of plastics need to be crushed for disposal or reuse.

    The SuperFast Crusher is built with industrial strength and designed for continuous operation. Its 2 HP motor provides reliable power to crush up to 200 pounds of plastic per hour. The hopper can hold up to 30 pounds of plastic at a time for automatic, hands-free crushing.

    Durable, safe, and easy to use, the SuperFast Plastic Crusher is the ultimate solution for your plastic crushing needs. Order today and make recycling plastics fast, simple, and efficient!

  • Plastic Shredder 1000 Type PP/PVC/ABS Plastic Crushing

    Plastic Shredder 1000 Type PP/PVC/ABS Plastic Crushing

    Introducing the robust Plastic shredder 1000, engineered to meet the demanding needs of PP, PVC, and ABS plastic crushing. This powerhouse is designed for efficiency and reliability, capable of handling a variety of plastic materials, ensuring a smooth and cost-effective operation. With its high-throughput capabilities and precision engineering, the Plastic Crusher 1000 stands out as an essential tool for recycling plants, manufacturing facilities, and any business looking to streamline their plastic waste management. Experience the ease of maintenance and the durability of this machine, making it a smart investment for long-term productivity.

  • High output and powerful 500 type waste plastic film crushing PVC/PP/PET crushing machine

    High output and powerful 500 type waste plastic film crushing PVC/PP/PET crushing machine

    • 500 type plastic crushers refer to the rotor diameter being around 500mm. This provides high throughput crushing of soft plastics like films.

    • Common materials include PE, PP, PVC films from packaging and agricultural plastics. Output can range from 300-3000kg/hr depending on model.

    • They are single shaft rotary grinders with cutting blades mounted to the rotor. The rotor spins against stationary counter blades for a shearing action.

    • Powerful motors from 30-75kw drive the rotor at low speeds (around 360 rpm) to exert high torque for crushing. Transmission can be belt or gearbox.

    • Machine construction is very robust with thick internal wear plates to handle high loads. Hopper, screen, and discharge chutes are designed for easy feeding and discharge.

    • Cutter design, screen size, speed, and power can be optimized for desired particle output size, typically 5-50mm range. Air suction can remove dust.

    • They usually feature automatic reversal and hydraulic door opening for jams. Other safety features like emergency stop buttons are critical.

    • Regular blade maintenance and replacement is required for reliable operation. Proper feeding of plastics is key to prevent clogging.

  • 2000kg/h PET Bottle Grinding Machine Plastic Crusher Machine Prices

    2000kg/h PET Bottle Grinding Machine Plastic Crusher Machine Prices

    Introducing our high-performance PET bottle crusher - an industrial plastic grinding machine designed for efficiently grinding post-consumer PET bottles, flakes, and scraps into fine powders.

    With a large throughput of 2000kg/hr, this plastic crusher features a powerfal motor and hardened steel cutting knives that quickly shred and grind plastic material into uniform particles between 2-5mm in size.

    The heavy-duty crusher chamber and robust rotor assembly are engineered to withstand continuous grinding of even hard plastics like PET and HDPE. The machine has low noise, low dust, and reliable operation.

    Easy to maintain with quick access to all wearing parts. The screen sieve ensures properly sized output material. Optional integrated dust collector system available.

    Offered at very competitive pricing, these PET plastic crushers deliver fast ROI through energy efficiency, low maintenance costs and high recycling productivity.

    Ideal for plastic recycling facilities, recycling centers, and waste processing plants. CE certified unit. Customizations available. Contact us today for an affordable PET grinding solution!