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Plastic Pipe Making Machine - HDPE  Pipe Making Machine
Plastic Pipe Making Machine - HDPE  Pipe Making Machine
Plastic Pipe Making Machine - HDPE  Pipe Making Machine
Plastic Pipe Making Machine - HDPE  Pipe Making Machine
Plastic Pipe Making Machine - HDPE  Pipe Making Machine
Plastic Pipe Making Machine - HDPE  Pipe Making Machine
Plastic Pipe Making Machine - HDPE  Pipe Making Machine
Plastic Pipe Making Machine - HDPE  Pipe Making Machine

Plastic Pipe Making Machine - HDPE Pipe Making Machine

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Introducing our high-speed HDPE pipe production line - delivering efficient, reliable performance for manufacturing quality HDPE pipes.

Engineered for 24/7 operation, this system features a heavy-duty screw extruder capable of handling the high pressures needed for HDPE pipe extrusion. It provides a consistent melt output to ensure smooth pipe production.

The line also comes equipped with an advanced downstream sizing unit. It enables precise calibration and cooling of the piped to meet strict dimensional standards and tolerate high pressure. Three vacuum sizing tanks are available for different pipe diameter ranges.

With easy-to-use controls and changeover parts, the machine enables quick size changes. It can produce pipes ranging from 16mm to 630mm in diameter. Output speed is adjustable up to 18m/min for 63mm to 225mm pipes.

Robustly built using quality components, this HDPE pipe machine delivers reliable service life at optimum efficiency. Low maintenance costs and high production output give excellent ROI.

Contact our engineers today to discuss your production requirements! We will recommend the ideal configuration to match your needs and budget. CE certified and meeting international standards. Customization options available.


Pipe Making Machine

Industry-specific attributes

Screw Design


Screw L/D Ratio


Other attributes



Plastic Processed




Showroom Location


Place of Origin

Zhejiang, China




1 Year

Key Selling Points


Applicable Industries

Manufacturing Plant

Video outgoing-inspection


Warranty of core components

1 Year

Core Components

Bearing, Motor, Gear, PLC, Engine, Gearbox, Screw

Machinery Test Report


Screw Material


Screw diameter (mm)

50 mm

Screw Speed (rpm)

70 rpm

Brand Name






Power (kW)


After-sales Service Provided

Engineers available to service machinery overseas

Product name

Good performance HDPE pipe making machine


HDPE pipe making machine

Material Processed




Motor power



1 year




PP PE PVC single wall corrugated pipe making machine pipe machine

Screw diameter


Packaging & delivery

Package Type:

Good performance HDPE pipe making machine Packed by plastic films, wooden pallets, wooden boxes as per customers' requirements

Supply Ability

Supply Ability

10 Set/Sets per Month

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Let us contribute to environmental protection to a force!


Good performance HDPE pipe making machine

⇒Good performance HDPE pipe making machine 

It is mainly composed of the extruder, extruder die-head, vacuum tank, haul off, and winding machine/auto cutting machine

Use:  HDPE pipe making machine can produce one layer/two layers HDPE pipes, good performance and low noise.




 Good performance HDPE pipe making machine


Good performance HDPE pipe making machine

Pipe Making Machine - An Overview

A pipe making machine is an essential equipment used widely in various industries for manufacturing high quality pipes and tubes. This article provides an in-depth look at pipe making machines and their working principles.

Introduction to Pipe Making Machines

Pipe making machines are available in a wide range of specifications and capabilities to produce pipes and tubes from metals, plastics, concrete and other materials. Based on the pipe manufacturing process, these machines can be broadly classified into:

  • Extrusion Pipe Making Machines: Used for manufacturing seamless pipes and tubes from metals and plastics using the extrusion process.

  • Roll Forming Pipe Mills: Employ a series of rolling stands to progressively form a flat strip into a tubular pipe shape.

  • Spiral Pipe Mills: Produce large diameter steel pipes by winding and welding a steel strip in a spiral shape.

  • Longitudinal Pipe Welding Machines: Form pipes by bending a sheet and welding the seam along the length.

Working Principles

The fundamental working principle involves forming the material into a tubular pipe shape and welding or bonding the edges together. However, the exact process varies for different materials and pipe specifications.

Extrusion machines use a perforated die to push melted material through and form a seamless pipe. Roll forming machines pass sheet metal strips through a series of roller dies to gradually shape it into a pipe. Longitudinal welding machines first form a sheet into a tube using rollers and then weld the abutting edges.

Spiral welding is a cost-effective process for large diameter pipes. A spiral forming mill bends a steel plate into a U shape using rollers and guides it through successive welding stations to join the seam.

Key Components

Some of the main components of a pipe making machine include:

  • Feed Equipment: To supply raw material sheet, plate or strip stock.

  • Forming Assembly: Rollers, guides and mandrels that form the material into tubular shape.

  • Welding Equipment: To weld the abutting edges and obtain a continuous pipe form.

  • Sizing Tools: For calibrating and sizing the pipe to desired dimensions.

  • Cutting Tools: To cut the pipe into specified lengths.

  • Conveying System: Roller tables and transfer mechanisms to move pipe.

  • Control System: To monitor and control the production parameters.

Applications and Industries

Some major application areas and industries that utilize pipe making machines include:

  • Oil and gas pipelines

  • Construction and infrastructure

  • Automotive and machinery

  • Chemical and petrochemical

  • Power plants

  • Agriculture and irrigation

The table below shows the common pipe materials and dimensions manufactured:

MaterialOuter Diameter RangeWall thickness
Carbon steel1 inch - 100 inchesSchedule 10 to Schedule XH
Stainless steel0.5 inch - 36 inchesSchedule 5S to Schedule 160
Plastics/PVC0.5 inch - 24 inchesSchedule 40 to Schedule 120
Concrete12 inches - 60 inches2 inches - 6 inches


Pipe making machines are indispensable equipment for the manufacturing sector with applications across many industries. Proper selection of the machine type and its capabilities is vital based on the application, material and pipe specifications. With rising global demand, pipe mills will continue to evolve with better automation and innovations.