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PP PE HDPE LDPE Plastic Pellets Machine
PP PE HDPE LDPE Plastic Pellets Machine

PP PE HDPE LDPE Plastic Pellets Machine

Quality Merchants

100~150kg/H Capacity

A. Processed materials: HDPE LDPE PP PE ABS PA HIPS 

B. Easy operation, digital display, low cost, high quality, good service

C. Pelletizing line mainly consists Main Extruder, cooling bath, blowing dryer, pellets cutter and silo.

D. Electric single screen changer, Electric double screen changer, Hydraulic single screen changer, Hydraulic double screen changer, non-mesh screen changer for your choice.
E. Intelligent PLC touch screen control cabinet for whole line.



100~150kg/H Capacity PP PE HDPE LDPE Plastic Pellets Machine

Transforming Plastic Scrap into Valuable Pellets

At JIANTAI, we understand the challenges of plastic scrap recycling. Our innovative pelletizing lines provide an efficient, cost-effective solution to convert plastic waste into reusable pellets.

Engineered for Performance and Reliability

Our pelletizers process diverse plastics like HDPE, LDPE, PP, PE, ABS, PA, and HIPS at a high throughput of 100-150kg/hour. The robust main extruder, optimized cooling system, and precision cutters deliver smooth, consistent pellet quality with low maintenance.

User-Friendly, Intelligent Control Systems

We utilize PLC touch screen controls to enable easy, accurate parameter adjustments. Digital displays provide real-time production data to optimize performance. With intuitive controls and thoughtful engineering, JIANTAI pellet lines simplify operation and boost productivity.

Customizable Configurations, Quality Components

JIANTAI offers choice of electric or hydraulic screen changers, single or double configurations, and mesh or non-mesh options to suit specific material requirements. Only high-grade components are used, ensuring reliable functioning, low costs, and high value.

Decades of Recycling Expertise at Your Service

With decades of experience in plastics recycling, JIANTAI provides unmatched application knowledge and process optimization capabilities. Our qualified engineers deliver responsive service and support to maintain smooth, efficient pellet production.

Transition to Pellet Production with Confidence

JIANTAI delivers pelletizing solutions you can trust. With robust equipment, intelligent controls, custom options and attentive service, we make it simple to transition your plastic scrap into high-quality, reusable pellets. Contact our team today to transform your recycling operations.


Unlock Hidden Value in Plastic Scrap with JIANTAI Plastic Pellets Machines

At JIANTAI, our plastic pellets machines reveal the enormous potential lying in plastic waste. Convert your HDPE, LDPE, PP, PE, ABS, PA and HIPS scrap into high-quality reusable pellets for remanufacturing, compounding or as a commercial feedstock.

Engineered for Reliable, Efficient Plastic Pellet Production

JIANTAI plastic pellets machines are purpose-built to transform scrap plastic from initial loading to uniform finished pellets.

Our robust main extruder efficiently melts plastic, integrated screen changers filter impurities, the cooling system solidifies strands, and precision cutters chop strands into consistent pellet shape and size. The integrated drying system removes residual moisture before pellet discharge into storage silos.

Throughout the process, our intelligent PLC touchscreen controls, digital displays and finely-tuned components ensure smooth, reliable pellet output up to 150kg per hour. Tight machining tolerances guarantee minimal deviations in pellet specifications.

Configure Your Custom Plastic Pelletizing Solution

JIANTAI offers fully customizable plastic pellet machine configurations including:

  1. Electric/hydraulic screen changer options

  2. Single/double screen changer variants

  3. Mesh/non-mesh screen selections

  4. Manual/automated plastic feeding

  5. Bagging/silo pellet collection systems

Our experts collaborate with you to engineer optimized plastic pelletizing solutions for your specific material, capacity and budget priorities.

Transition into Plastic Pellet Production with Ease

Simplify your entry into pellet manufacturing with JIANTAI's proven plastic pellets machines. Trusted by recycling facilities worldwide, our solutions make it easy to unlock the hidden value in plastic scrap.

Contact our team today to transform the way you recycle plastics. JIANTAI plastic pellet machines - revealing the possibilities in plastic waste.

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