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FAT-8DY Fiber Access Terminal Enclosure
FAT-8DY Fiber Access Terminal Enclosure
FAT-8DY Fiber Access Terminal Enclosure
FAT-8DY Fiber Access Terminal Enclosure
FAT-8DY Fiber Access Terminal Enclosure
FAT-8DY Fiber Access Terminal Enclosure

FAT-8DY Fiber Access Terminal Enclosure

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The enclosure incorporates hardened adapters provides a cost-effective method of developing optical fiber at speeds significantly faster than the traditional field installations. 

More important, it does not need hardened connector to match it. General drop cable could be connected through the filed connector.

Applicable for the FTTX project and provide mechanical protection for fiber management system that includes the functions of splicing, patching and passive component integration.

IP65, suitable for outdoor.


Overview of the FAT-8DY Fiber Enclosure

The FAT-8DY is a hardened fiber optic enclosure designed for aerial, buried and pedestal installations in FTTx networks. Key features include capacity for 16 fiber adapters, 4 splice trays, mid-span cable ports, and compatibility with micro splitters.

Design and Construction 

With dimensions of 287x172x100mm, the FAT-8DY maintains a compact footprint. The lightweight polymer enclosure is environmentally sealed to IP68 ratings for water and dust ingress protection. Two 14mm mid-span ports allow cables to enter, secured by rubber grommets.

Mounting and Installation Flexibility 

Integrated mounting features on the enclosure allow it to be installed on walls or poles. A storage area under the dome section provides space to store fiber splicing and installation tools.

Environmental Protection

The sealed design protects internal connectors and splices from moisture, contaminants, UV radiation, temperature extremes, mechanical damage and exposure to chemicals. This enables reliability in challenging outdoor plant environments.

Fiber Management Capacity 

The FAT-8DY contains generous capacity for fiber management, splicing, connection and optical splitting.

Interconnect and Crossconnect Capability

Sixteen SC adapter ports allow pre-connectorized patch cords to interconnect distribution cable fibers to drop cable fibers. The adapters utilize integrated shutters to prevent contamination.

Splicing Capacity

Four splice trays provide capacity for fiber splicing of up to 48 fibers. Trays accommodate fusion or mechanical splices for easiest field servicing.

Optical Splitting Compartment

A dedicated compartment allows mounting a micro splitter to divide fiber services to multiple endpoint locations, with 1x8 split ratios supported.

Ease of Network Deployment and Extension

With its hardened construction yet generous capacity, the FAT-8DY eases the deployment of fiber deep into neighborhoods and business districts, bringing broadband closer to end users.

Quick and Simple Network Extensions

The FAT-8DY allows technicians to swiftly splice distribution cables, split signals if needed, connect drops, seal up the enclosure and ship out. All common fiber connector and cable types are supported.

Support for Field Configurability

The large capacity enables supporting additional subscriber growth via extra adapters, pigtails, connectors and drop cables without replacing existing enclosures or cabling.


With FTTx deployments accelerating globally, the FAT-8DY fiber access terminals delivers an optimal blend of environmental protection and generous capacity for bringing fiber deeper into subscriber networks. The flexible field-configurable design saves operators time and cost during initial buildouts and future expansions.

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