PE PVC Pipe Making

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From an engineering perspective, the core of the PE PVC pipe making machine is the screw extrusion forming system. This system uses a precisely designed screw extruder spiral to push the melted plastic material through a meticulously designed die head to form the pipe product. The key components like motor, reducer, screw and die head are crucial in ensuring the dimensional tolerance and surface finish of the pipes. In addition, the advanced automation and control systems are also important parts.

The PE PVC pipe making machine is characterized by high efficiency, safety and precision. The high efficiency is attributed to its high level of automation, enabling fast and efficient pipe production at high outputs. In terms of safety, the enclosed design ensures operational safety. The precision enables pipe outer and inner diameter accuracy within ±0.5mm, with excellent wall thickness distribution uniformity. This meets the quality requirements for water supply and drainage, municipal projects, chemical and other applications.

From a return on investment perspective, PE PVC pipe making machines have relatively lower initial setup costs compared to other pipe making equipment. The mold costs are also lower compared to metal pipe production lines. Meanwhile, the high automation, output and material efficiency help significantly reduce the unit cost of pipe production. In summary, PE PVC pipe making machines have advantages like short payback period and high ROI. This makes them an economical and efficient choice for the pipe manufacturing industry.

  • Plastic Pipe Making Machine - HDPE  Pipe Making Machine

    Plastic Pipe Making Machine - HDPE Pipe Making Machine

    Introducing our high-speed HDPE pipe production line - delivering efficient, reliable performance for manufacturing quality HDPE pipes.

    Engineered for 24/7 operation, this system features a heavy-duty screw extruder capable of handling the high pressures needed for HDPE pipe extrusion. It provides a consistent melt output to ensure smooth pipe production.

    The line also comes equipped with an advanced downstream sizing unit. It enables precise calibration and cooling of the piped to meet strict dimensional standards and tolerate high pressure. Three vacuum sizing tanks are available for different pipe diameter ranges.

    With easy-to-use controls and changeover parts, the machine enables quick size changes. It can produce pipes ranging from 16mm to 630mm in diameter. Output speed is adjustable up to 18m/min for 63mm to 225mm pipes.

    Robustly built using quality components, this HDPE pipe machine delivers reliable service life at optimum efficiency. Low maintenance costs and high production output give excellent ROI.

    Contact our engineers today to discuss your production requirements! We will recommend the ideal configuration to match your needs and budget. CE certified and meeting international standards. Customization options available.

  • Flexible braided pipe pvc pipe extrusion machine

    Flexible braided pipe pvc pipe extrusion machine

    • These machines extrude PVC plastic into pipes and coat them with a braided sheath for flexibility and strength.

    • They consist of an extruder, a braiding unit, cooling system, and take-up reel. The extruder melts the PVC and pushes it through a die into a tube shape.

    • The braiding unit weaves polyester or nylon yarn around the pipe as it comes out of the extruder to create the braided exterior.

    • Cooling systems like vacuum tanks or water sprays set the pipes as they are braided. The take-up reel winds up the finished braided PVC pipe.

    • These machines allow continuous production of braided PVC pipes used for plumbing, irrigation, industrial liquids and more. Production speed, size and wall thickness can be adjusted.

    • Key benefits are flexibility, strength, corrosion resistance, and ease of installation compared to rigid PVC or metal pipes.