Plastic Pelletizer

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Plastic granulators, also known as shredders or grinders, are an essential technology for plastic recycling facilities and operations. These powerful machines efficiently break down recyclable plastic scrap into smaller, usable fractions for reprocessing.

Granulators function by using rotating blades to chop and grind plastic material fed into the cutting chamber. This allows the plastic to be broken down into uniform flakes, pellets or powders of customized size and shape depending on the screen configurations used. Granulators come in different designs such as dual-shafted, single-shafted, and roto-stellar for handling hard or soft plastics.

Optimizing plastic granulation is critical for effective plastic recycling. By properly sizing the plastic particles, the regrind material can be smoothly reused in molding applications or repurposed into new plastic products. Well-designed granulators also minimize waste, energy consumption and operation costs for recycling facilities. With ongoing improvements in granulation technology and the push for increased recycling, granulators will become even more invaluable for supporting the circular plastic economy.

  • Plastic recycling machine

    Plastic recycling machine

    Introducing the JIANTAI Plastic Recycling Machine, proudly made in Zhejiang, China. This industrial-grade recycling system is brand new and ready to help you process post-consumer plastic waste into reusable plastic pellets.

    With a heavy-duty design and 6000KG weight capacity, this machine can handle a wide variety of plastic types including Bopp, PE, PP/PE, PU, EPS, PP, PMMA, PC, ABS, PA, and PS. Watch our video to see the outgoing quality inspection on every unit before shipment.

    Running on 90KW of power with a robust PLC control system, this double stage pelletizer can process 450-500KG per hour of plastic material into recycled plastic granule raw material. The granules are ready to be remanufactured into new plastic products, completing the recycling loop.

  • Plastic Granulator Machine

    Plastic Granulator Machine

    Plastic granulator machine provides an efficient, cost-effective solution for recycling your plastic scraps and waste. This high-quality granulating machine adopts a military forged process screw and 11KW motor, which can grind plastics up to 10mm thickness into uniform particles.

    With a processing capacity of 450-500kg per hour, this granulator can quickly grind through plastic waste, saving it from landfills. The durable military-grade screw provides long-lasting performance, while the soundproof design minimizes noise and dust, ensuring safe operation.

    The uniform pellets produced can be reused for injection molding, extrusion, and other manufacturing processes. The unit is portable with casters, allowing easy movement flexibility. It has a user-friendly control panel for simple operation.

    An ideal granulator for plastic recycling facilities, manufacturing plants, molding factories, and any operation with plastic waste and scrap to recycle. Reduce your plastic waste while creating reusable pellets for new products or revenue streams. Contact us today to learn more!

  • High quality plastic recycle pellet machine factory price

    High quality plastic recycle pellet machine factory price

    Introducing our new plastic recycling pelletizing line - an affordable, heavy-duty system designed to convert your plastic scrap into usable pellet feedstock.

    Engineered for 24/7 operation, this system features robust components including a high-torque motorized cutting chamber, durable stainless steel extrusion die plate, and industrial chiller for controlled pellet cooling.

    Capable of processing a wide range of plastic types from PP, PE, PS, ABS, to engineering plastics, this pelletizer produces uniform pellets from 3mm to 10mm in size. The cooled pellets are cleanly cut by the rotary blade for smooth edges.

    Easy to operate and maintain, the system enables quick die plate changes to suit different pellet specs. With soundproofed enclosure and fully automatic operation, it requires minimal labor involvement.

    Offered direct from our factory, these high-quality plastic recycle pelletizers are available at unbeatable prices. Various sizes and customizations available. Free testing of your plastic scrap also provided.

    Ideal for recycling facilities, manufacturers, plastic processors - upgrade your operations cost-effectively with our plastic pelletizing lines! Contact us today for a competitive quote!

  • Hdpe scraps small plastic pelletizer

    Hdpe scraps small plastic pelletizer

    The JIANTAI HDPE Scrap Small Plastic Pelletizer is an efficient system designed for recycling post-industrial HDPE plastic scrap and converting it into pelletized raw material for re-use in manufacturing processes.

    This pelletizer features a heavy-duty, high-torque cutting chamber and precision die plate which grinds HDPE plastic fragments into fine powder. The powder is then compressed through the die plate holes, extruding long strands that are cooled in a water bath and cut into uniform pellets by an underwater granulating blade.

    With advanced water cooling and circulation technology, the JIANTAI small plastic pelletizer maintains consistent pellet quality while maximizing energy efficiency. The system has a compact footprint and is easy to operate and maintain. Pellet size can be adjusted from 2mm to 10mm to suit specific requirements.

    Ideal for recycling centers and plastic product manufacturers, the JIANTAI HDPE Scrap Pelletizer provides an efficient, cost-effective solution for reprocessing HDPE plastic waste into high-quality pellet feedstock for injection molding, blow molding and extrusion production lines.

  • PP PE HDPE LDPE Plastic Pellets Machine

    PP PE HDPE LDPE Plastic Pellets Machine

    100~150kg/H Capacity

    A. Processed materials: HDPE LDPE PP PE ABS PA HIPS 

    B. Easy operation, digital display, low cost, high quality, good service

    C. Pelletizing line mainly consists Main Extruder, cooling bath, blowing dryer, pellets cutter and silo.

    D. Electric single screen changer, Electric double screen changer, Hydraulic single screen changer, Hydraulic double screen changer, non-mesh screen changer for your choice.
    E. Intelligent PLC touch screen control cabinet for whole line.

  • Plastic Granulator

    Plastic Granulator

    This machine adopts imported precise reduction gear and hard alloy cutting tools, equipped with a powerful main motor specially designed to be an ideal plastic film scrap processing equipment for materials such as PVC, PP and PET. The stable and efficient cutting system can crush the plastic film into small flakes or powder within a short time, and the accurately controlled particle size range meets the needs of recycling and reproduction processing. This highly automated machine runs steadily and reliably for long durations. The hopper is rationally structured to significantly increase the feeding amount and space utilization. The after-sales team provides timely and responsive technical support and spare parts supply. This product is extensively applied in the pre-treatment of waste plastic film materials and resource reproduction fields, making it an indispensable supporting equipment for manufacturers and recycling companies.

  • Plastic Recycling Machine - PP Granule Recycle Machine Plastic Double Stage

    Plastic Recycling Machine - PP Granule Recycle Machine Plastic Double Stage

    The JT series plastic recycling machine is a new generation of eco-friendly recycling equipment developed based on advanced engineering and precision manufacturing. The machine adopts a structurally reinforced steel frame and precisely machined key components, which can provide a sturdy and durable operating platform to meet the demands of large-capacity plastic recycling. The recycling system efficiently melts, filters, and pelletizes waste plastic materials through a unique dual-stage extrusion and cutting assembly, enabling mass production of high-quality recycled plastic granules. The intelligent PLC control system realizes process monitoring and parameter optimization adjustment to ensure stable quality of recycled products. This eco-friendly and highly efficient plastic recycling machine is an ideal turnkey solution for plastic recycling enterprises and manufacturers, which can effectively realize resource utilization of plastic waste.

  • Plastic Shredder 1000 Type PP/PVC/ABS Plastic Crushing

    Plastic Shredder 1000 Type PP/PVC/ABS Plastic Crushing

    Introducing the robust Plastic shredder 1000, engineered to meet the demanding needs of PP, PVC, and ABS plastic crushing. This powerhouse is designed for efficiency and reliability, capable of handling a variety of plastic materials, ensuring a smooth and cost-effective operation. With its high-throughput capabilities and precision engineering, the Plastic Crusher 1000 stands out as an essential tool for recycling plants, manufacturing facilities, and any business looking to streamline their plastic waste management. Experience the ease of maintenance and the durability of this machine, making it a smart investment for long-term productivity.

  • Plastic particles regeneration mechanical-extruder

    Plastic particles regeneration mechanical-extruder

    The Plastic Particle Regeneration Mechanical-Extruder is an advanced machine designed to recycle plastic waste and produce high-quality plastic granules. This state-of-the-art machine is instrumental in promoting environmental sustainability and reducing plastic pollution. 

     Working Principle: 

    • Plastic raw materials are introduced into the machine through the feeding port, where they are fed into the main body by the feeding wheel. 

    • Inside the main body, the plastic raw materials are subjected to high temperatures, causing them to melt. Simultaneously, the materials are mixed and stirred by the rotating screw, resulting in a homogeneous melt. 

    • Once the melt reaches the desired fluidity, it exits the machine through the outlet. 

    • The melt is then cooled, solidifying into particle form. These particles undergo processes such as cutting, vibrating dehydration, and transportation to a storage bin.