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  • GP-T204 Outdoor Fiber Optic Terminal Box

    GP-T204 Outdoor Fiber Optic Terminal Box

    The GP-T204 is an outdoor fiber optic terminal box designed for protecting fiber optic splice closures and passive devices. It is made of durable ABS material and provides IP55 level protection against dust and moisture ingress.

    This terminal box features a hollow-carved structure that allows sufficient space for internal cable coiling and device mounting. The wide base design ensures excellent stability when mounted on walls or poles.

    The GP-T204 comes with cable entry ports on sides and bottom for flexible cable routing options. The box door can be fully opened for complete access during installation and maintenance.

    With its rugged construction and ample interior space, the GP-T204 fiber optic terminal is ideal for telecom, CATV, FTTX and other outdoor applications requiring fiber management and splicing. Its high-quality enclosure ensures long-term operation in harsh environments.