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  • Plastic Pipe Making Machine - HDPE  Pipe Making Machine

    Plastic Pipe Making Machine - HDPE Pipe Making Machine

    Introducing our high-speed HDPE pipe production line - delivering efficient, reliable performance for manufacturing quality HDPE pipes.

    Engineered for 24/7 operation, this system features a heavy-duty screw extruder capable of handling the high pressures needed for HDPE pipe extrusion. It provides a consistent melt output to ensure smooth pipe production.

    The line also comes equipped with an advanced downstream sizing unit. It enables precise calibration and cooling of the piped to meet strict dimensional standards and tolerate high pressure. Three vacuum sizing tanks are available for different pipe diameter ranges.

    With easy-to-use controls and changeover parts, the machine enables quick size changes. It can produce pipes ranging from 16mm to 630mm in diameter. Output speed is adjustable up to 18m/min for 63mm to 225mm pipes.

    Robustly built using quality components, this HDPE pipe machine delivers reliable service life at optimum efficiency. Low maintenance costs and high production output give excellent ROI.

    Contact our engineers today to discuss your production requirements! We will recommend the ideal configuration to match your needs and budget. CE certified and meeting international standards. Customization options available.

  • High quality plastic recycle pellet machine factory price

    High quality plastic recycle pellet machine factory price

    Introducing our new plastic recycling pelletizing line - an affordable, heavy-duty system designed to convert your plastic scrap into usable pellet feedstock.

    Engineered for 24/7 operation, this system features robust components including a high-torque motorized cutting chamber, durable stainless steel extrusion die plate, and industrial chiller for controlled pellet cooling.

    Capable of processing a wide range of plastic types from PP, PE, PS, ABS, to engineering plastics, this pelletizer produces uniform pellets from 3mm to 10mm in size. The cooled pellets are cleanly cut by the rotary blade for smooth edges.

    Easy to operate and maintain, the system enables quick die plate changes to suit different pellet specs. With soundproofed enclosure and fully automatic operation, it requires minimal labor involvement.

    Offered direct from our factory, these high-quality plastic recycle pelletizers are available at unbeatable prices. Various sizes and customizations available. Free testing of your plastic scrap also provided.

    Ideal for recycling facilities, manufacturers, plastic processors - upgrade your operations cost-effectively with our plastic pelletizing lines! Contact us today for a competitive quote!

  • Hdpe scraps small plastic pelletizer

    Hdpe scraps small plastic pelletizer

    The JIANTAI HDPE Scrap Small Plastic Pelletizer is an efficient system designed for recycling post-industrial HDPE plastic scrap and converting it into pelletized raw material for re-use in manufacturing processes.

    This pelletizer features a heavy-duty, high-torque cutting chamber and precision die plate which grinds HDPE plastic fragments into fine powder. The powder is then compressed through the die plate holes, extruding long strands that are cooled in a water bath and cut into uniform pellets by an underwater granulating blade.

    With advanced water cooling and circulation technology, the JIANTAI small plastic pelletizer maintains consistent pellet quality while maximizing energy efficiency. The system has a compact footprint and is easy to operate and maintain. Pellet size can be adjusted from 2mm to 10mm to suit specific requirements.

    Ideal for recycling centers and plastic product manufacturers, the JIANTAI HDPE Scrap Pelletizer provides an efficient, cost-effective solution for reprocessing HDPE plastic waste into high-quality pellet feedstock for injection molding, blow molding and extrusion production lines.

  • Recycling machine for plastic granule raw material machine

    Recycling machine for plastic granule raw material machine

    This plastic granule raw material recycling machine adopts leading technology to effectively recycle various plastic waste and regenerate directly usable plastic granule raw materials. This machine features strong processing capacity, high degree of automation, and easy operation.

    Through advanced crushing and sieving systems, plastic waste can be crushed into uniform small granules and impurities can be removed. The sieving system can be set up with different sized sieve meshes to effectively separate plastic granules of different sizes. The precision dust removal system can maximize the removal of dust from the granules.

    The washing system uses special solvents to wash the granules and remove surface contaminants, improving the quality of the regenerated granules. After dust removal and washing, the granules are dried through a drying system, then packaged by a packaging system, forming recycled plastic granules of uniform specifications and excellent quality.

    This equipment has easy operation and a high degree of automation, and can run continuously for 24 hours steadily. It is designed in a modularized manner for convenient transportation and installation. With strong processing capacity, it can meet the demand for recycling large amounts of plastic waste.

  • Intelligent hdpe pp pe hard scraps Plastic Color Sorter

    Intelligent hdpe pp pe hard scraps Plastic Color Sorter

    This intelligent plastic color sorting system is engineered to accurately separate HDPE, PP, PE plastic scraps for efficient recycling.

    It utilizes advanced near infrared sensor technology and an innovative air ejection system to identify and sort plastics by color and resin type. Sophisticated software algorithms ensure precise detection even on opaque black plastics.

    The machine first singulates the plastic stream and scans each piece to determine its composition. Within milliseconds, bursts of compressed air eject target plastics into the appropriate sorting bins.

    With a processing capacity up to 2 tonnes per hour, this automated color sorter greatly improves separation accuracy over manual methods. The closed-loop air system ensures a clean working environment.

    Easy to operate, the system provides real-time production data and diagnostics on a user-friendly touchscreen interface. The PLC-controlled sorter requires minimal maintenance for 24/7 operation.

    Upgrade your plastic recycling line cost-effectively today! This HDPE PP PE color sorter will boost productivity, purity, profits. Customization available. Contact us for a quote!

  • TPE TPR elastic tube machine Yoga belt, tension ring, fitness equipment production line

    TPE TPR elastic tube machine Yoga belt, tension ring, fitness equipment production line

    This complete production line is engineered to efficiently manufacture high-quality TPE/TPR elastic exercise tubes and bands for yoga, pilates, resistance training, and other fitness applications.

    At the core is an advanced TPE/TPR extrusion system capable of producing elastic compound profiles with excellent consistency and tolerance control. It features a heavy-duty screw extruder, specialized spiral die, and precision thickness monitoring.

    The line also includes an integrated 3-roll calibrator for precisely cooling and shaping the extruded tubes. An automated haul-off unit maintains optimal tension control to prevent deformation.

    Downstream, the tubes are automatically cut to length, punched, assembled, and packaged to produce finished products like yoga straps, resistance loops, stretching bands, and more. Conveyors streamline material flow between stations.

    With easy changeover and recipe management, this turnkey system enables efficient small-batch production of multiple tube sizes and colors. The intuitive operator interface reduces training time.

    Get in touch with us today to learn more about how this elastic tube production line can benefit your fitness equipment manufacturing needs! Customization available.

  • Plastic nose bridge wire extrusion line

    Plastic nose bridge wire extrusion line

    Designed for efficient production of plastic nose bridge wires used in medical masks and respirators. This complete extrusion line expertly processes fine plastic wire with precision dimensional control.

    The system is built around a specialized small-diameter screw extruder with an ultra-compact design. It provides a smooth, consistent melt feed to the downstream line components.

    Highly accurate thickness control ensures the extruded wires meet the stringent requirements for nose bridge applications. The line achieves a diameter tolerance within +/- 0.02mm for wires from 0.15mm to 0.25mm thickness.

    An integrated 3-roll calibrator provides precise cooling and shape-calibration of the wires in a controlled manner. The automated haul-off and winding unit expertly spools the wires onto rolls without tangling or breakage.

    Easy to operate, this turnkey nose bridge wire extrusion line delivers high productivity and wire quality. Fast startup and production changeovers maximize uptime. With a compact footprint, it is ideal for mask producers seeking efficient in-house wire production.

  • Plastic particles regeneration mechanical-extruder

    Plastic particles regeneration mechanical-extruder

    The Plastic Particle Regeneration Mechanical-Extruder is an advanced machine designed to recycle plastic waste and produce high-quality plastic granules. This state-of-the-art machine is instrumental in promoting environmental sustainability and reducing plastic pollution. 

     Working Principle: 

    • Plastic raw materials are introduced into the machine through the feeding port, where they are fed into the main body by the feeding wheel. 

    • Inside the main body, the plastic raw materials are subjected to high temperatures, causing them to melt. Simultaneously, the materials are mixed and stirred by the rotating screw, resulting in a homogeneous melt. 

    • Once the melt reaches the desired fluidity, it exits the machine through the outlet. 

    • The melt is then cooled, solidifying into particle form. These particles undergo processes such as cutting, vibrating dehydration, and transportation to a storage bin.

  • Plastic artificial rattan extrusion machine for furniture

    Plastic artificial rattan extrusion machine for furniture

    • Artificial rattan is usually made from plastic materials like PVC, polyethylene, or polypropylene. The raw plastic pellets are melted and extruded into the rattan shape.

    • Extrusion machines feed the plastic pellets into a hopper which leads to a turning screw. The screw pushes the material through a heated barrel, melting it.

    • The molten plastic is then forced through a die with the desired profile shape (round, oval, flat) which forms the rattan strand.

    • The strand goes through a water bath to cool and harden, then runs through puller rollers to straighten and smooth the surface.

    • Typical extrusion machine capacity is 50-500 kg/hr depending on the size. Screw diameter, heating zones, and die design all factor into output.

    • dies can create solid or hollow rattan strands, as well as curved, knobby, or textured surfaces to mimic natural rattan look.

    • Secondary equipment can cut and print the rattan for desired length and color patterns. The strands are assembled into furniture frames or woven panels.

    • Key components are the hopper, screw, barrel, die, cooling bath, and pullers. Process monitoring and control systems are critical.

    • These extrusion lines run continuously and are common in factory settings for high volume production. Various grades are available for indoor/outdoor use.

  • Exercise Equipment elastic Hip Circle Resistance Bands extruding machine factory

    Exercise Equipment elastic Hip Circle Resistance Bands extruding machine factory

    • Extrusion is a common manufacturing process used to make resistance bands and other rubber products. It involves forcing raw rubber material through a die to form the desired shape.

    • The raw rubber material is first mixed with fillers, pigments, antioxidants, and other additives to achieve the desired properties. This material is fed into an extruder machine.

    • The extruder heats and presses the rubber material through a shaped die, forming a continuous length of material with the desired cross-sectional profile (e.g. round, flat).

    • As the extruded material emerges from the die, it passes through a water bath to cool and set the shape.

    • The cooled extrusion is then cut to length by automated cutters to produce individual resistance bands.

    • Additional finishing steps may include trimming, smoothing, printing logos, adding attachments, and packaging.

    • Factories contain multiple extrusion lines working in parallel for high volume production. Quality control checks are performed throughout the process.