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TPE/TPR loop/band/tube machines are advanced equipment specially designed for producing ring-shaped products made of TPE and TPR materials. These machines adopt leading pneumatic or elongated extrusion molding technology to efficiently and stably manufacture TPE/TPR loops, bands and tubes in various specifications.

Compared to PVC and rubber, TPE and TPR are non-toxic, odorless, soft, durable, and highly elastic, making them ideal for producing ring-shaped products like baby teether rings, earrings, nose rings, bracelets, sock liners, shoelaces and more. By using TPE/TPR loop/band/tube machines, you can achieve excellent product quality and fast mold switching for higher efficiency.

Our machines are custom designed based on customers' needs for product dimensions, output, materials etc., ensuring stable and efficient production. They are easy to operate with convenient mold changing. Keeping up with international advanced standards, our machines are highly acclaimed by customers worldwide. Choosing our TPE/TPR loop/band/tube machines, you can receive comprehensive pre-sales consulting, tailored solutions, and full after-sales support. We are confident in providing TPE/TPR loop/band/tube machines that will satisfy you, helping upgrade your products, improve efficiency, and maximize technical and economic benefits. Contact us for orders or inquiries.

  • TPE TPR elastic tube machine Yoga belt, tension ring, fitness equipment production line

    TPE TPR elastic tube machine Yoga belt, tension ring, fitness equipment production line

    This complete production line is engineered to efficiently manufacture high-quality TPE/TPR elastic exercise tubes and bands for yoga, pilates, resistance training, and other fitness applications.

    At the core is an advanced TPE/TPR extrusion system capable of producing elastic compound profiles with excellent consistency and tolerance control. It features a heavy-duty screw extruder, specialized spiral die, and precision thickness monitoring.

    The line also includes an integrated 3-roll calibrator for precisely cooling and shaping the extruded tubes. An automated haul-off unit maintains optimal tension control to prevent deformation.

    Downstream, the tubes are automatically cut to length, punched, assembled, and packaged to produce finished products like yoga straps, resistance loops, stretching bands, and more. Conveyors streamline material flow between stations.

    With easy changeover and recipe management, this turnkey system enables efficient small-batch production of multiple tube sizes and colors. The intuitive operator interface reduces training time.

    Get in touch with us today to learn more about how this elastic tube production line can benefit your fitness equipment manufacturing needs! Customization available.

  • Exercise Equipment elastic Hip Circle Resistance Bands extruding machine factory

    Exercise Equipment elastic Hip Circle Resistance Bands extruding machine factory

    • Extrusion is a common manufacturing process used to make resistance bands and other rubber products. It involves forcing raw rubber material through a die to form the desired shape.

    • The raw rubber material is first mixed with fillers, pigments, antioxidants, and other additives to achieve the desired properties. This material is fed into an extruder machine.

    • The extruder heats and presses the rubber material through a shaped die, forming a continuous length of material with the desired cross-sectional profile (e.g. round, flat).

    • As the extruded material emerges from the die, it passes through a water bath to cool and set the shape.

    • The cooled extrusion is then cut to length by automated cutters to produce individual resistance bands.

    • Additional finishing steps may include trimming, smoothing, printing logos, adding attachments, and packaging.

    • Factories contain multiple extrusion lines working in parallel for high volume production. Quality control checks are performed throughout the process.