Chocolate Machine

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  • Chocolate Ball Mill Machine

    Chocolate Ball Mill Machine

    There are batch type of chocolate ball mill and continuous chocolate ball mill.

    This chocolate ball mill machine is used for fine grinding chocolate paste material, through the friction and impact of steel balls and the materials. The fineness can be 20-25um after grinding. The material of machine is stainless steel, which is suitable for food. The advantage of the ball mill is high output, low-energy, even fineness etc.

    It is equipped with automatic temperature control system to control the chocolate syrup temperature strictly. The capacity can be customized. It can be used as independent refiner unit, and also can be connected with chocolate mixer, storage tank and delivery pump so it can produce continuously to increase the output and production efficiency, it is used in chocolate production and candy production industry.

  • Chocolate Ball Mill

    Chocolate Ball Mill

    A chocolate ball mill is an essential machine used in chocolate manufacturing and confectionery production. The ball mill is used to refine the chocolate paste by breaking down particle sizes and smoothing out the mass. This improves the chocolate's flow properties and gives the chocolate a rich, velvety texture and flavor profile that consumers love.

  • Candy Bar Machine

    Candy Bar Machine

    Automatic Candy Bar Production Line is used for every kinds of bar items composed of nougat, nuts, caramel, dry fruits, with or without coating chocolate. It is mainly used to cut Cereal Bar, Protein Bar, Rice Candy, Shaqima, Crispy egg cake, Crispy corn cake, Melon Seeds Cake and Crispy Black Rice Cake.

  • Cereal Bar Production Line

    Cereal Bar Production Line

    The cereal bar production line is an advanced and continuous line for making all kinds of different shape of cereal bars by mould, like the health bar, cereal bar, peanut candy, sesame candy etc. It is ideal equipment which can produce good quality products with the saving of both the manpower and the space occupied.

    There are two types: semi-auto and full-auto lines, include forming unit, vertical cooling tunnel, demould unit and mould conveyor with the heating tunnel.

  • Chocolate Bar Machine

    Chocolate Bar Machine

    The Mars Bar Production line is used for producing all kinds of bar products like Nougat, Snicker, Cereal Bar, Grains Bar, Energy Bar, Protein Bar, Fruit Bar, etc. with full automatic continuously produce technology, most electric components are from famous brand like Siemens, Omron or Schneider.

    This chocolate bar making machine has advanced technology to meet high production. There are five width option:200,300,400,600 and 800, using with the chocolate enrober together, it can produce all kinds of chocolate compound products.

  • Chocolate Bean Machine

    Chocolate Bean Machine

    The chocolate egg machine is is a kind of equipment to produce various three-dimensional chocolate shapes based on the principle of double roll cold rolling. The shapes are spherical, egg shaped, M&M lentil shaped, ellipse shape, heart shaped, etc. The size of products can be customized according to customer needs.

    The equipment includes cold rolling head, conveying system, cooling system, separator and other main parts.

    It can be used with a chocolate polishing machine to make the surface smoother, or coated with colored syrup.

  • Chocolate Depositor Machine

    Chocolate Depositor Machine

    Chocolate depositing machine is a special equipment for producing small particles of chocolate. The equipment can produce both drop-shaped chocolate particles and button-shaped chocolate particles. The particle size is adjustable from 2-18mm.

    The chocolate liquid drops directly on the PU conveyor belt and enters the cooling channel for cooling. According to the action of the roller under the conveyor belt, the chocolate particles automatically fall down. Advantages of this machine: accurate control, simple operation, wide application and large production capacity.

  • Chocolate Decoration Machine

    Chocolate Decoration Machine

    The decorating machine is composed of decoration mechanism, feeding system and installation platform. The bottom is equipped with universal wheels, which is light and flexible. It can be directly inserted into the cold channel or other machines to decorate the food surface.

    This chocolate equipment is specially used to decorate the surface of biscuits with chocolate patterns, and various patterns are available, curves of other shapes such as straight lines, curves, and figure 8 lines can be mounted. The pattern size can be customized according to client requirements.

    The machine uses the motor to generate longitudinal and transverse motions to make the pulp pipe move, and the chocolate in the moving pulp pipe is pressed out by the pulp pump, and the surface of the moving chocolate or biscuit on the wire mesh is decorated with patterns. A variety of patterns can be produced through simple adjustment.

    The width of the decoration mechanism can be customized according to the width of the customer’s machine.

  • Chocolate Moulding Machine

    Chocolate Moulding Machine

    The automatic chocolate pouring machine is a full-automatic chocolate molding equipment that uses three times of pouring and two times of adding (crushed nuts, whole nuts), integrates baking, pouring, vibrating, conveying, cooling and de-moulding.

    Single head pouring machine can produce pure chocolate, sandwich chocolate, double color chocolate, whole nut chocolate, crushed nut chocolate, Weihua chocolate and other products, it can make chocolate of various sizes, the advantage is high output, variety, neatness and practicality.

    The standard pouring head can produce chocolate products less than 500g, we can also customize large pouring head less than 1kg to make bulk chocolate.

  • Semi-Automatic Chocolate Forming Machine

    Semi-Automatic Chocolate Forming Machine

    This chocolate machine can be used to produce any single color, sandwich or nut containing chocolate products. In addition, biscuits or waffles can be added to chocolate products by installing corresponding adding devices. The chocolate pouring line can be adjusted according to different production capacity requirements.

    The whole machine is made of stainless steel, and the servo/pneumatic/mechanical motor is fully used to ensure the smooth operation of the machine and accurate pouring. The multifunctional pouring head can work continuously, and the PLC touch screen with simple operation is stable, safe and reliable.