Metal shredder

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Scrap metal must be processed to be effectively recycled and ready for reuse. Metal shredders are machines used to process a variety of metal scraps. Metal shredders are frequently used to reduce metal debris to a standard shape and size for sorting and additional processing in scrap yards and metal recycling operations. They provide long-lasting performance thanks to their robust design. Metal shredders make it possible so both ferrous and non-ferrous metals can be crushed before shipment to steel mills for recycling into new metal. Additionally, they make it possible to destroy metallic material for companies where necessary.

In their original state, scrap metals are frequently hefty objects that would be absurd to move. An excellent example is an old car, which takes up a lot of room but is much easier to move and handle after being crushed and shredded. Shredding significantly lowers the volume of scrap metal and breaks it up into smaller, more manageable bits. Separating ferrous from non-ferrous metals and other materials, including rubber, plastics, and fabrics, are made easier by the shredding process. To get the most value from metal recycling, some metal shredders can even separate magnetic and non-magnetic metals and materials.

  • Hot Sale 600 Double Shaft Scrap Metal Plastic Metal shredder shred industrial metal Scrap iron shred

    Hot Sale 600 Double Shaft Scrap Metal Plastic Metal shredder shred industrial metal Scrap iron shred

    Now on hot sale - our rugged 600mm double shaft scrap metal shredder, designed for efficient shredding of industrial metal scrap, e-scrap, plastics, wood, paper, and other materials.

    This industrial shredder features two sets of sharp hexagonal cutters stacked in a staggered formation on two parallel shafts. This interlocked arrangement provides excellent cutting action to tear through tough, bulky scraps with ease.

    Powered by premium hydraulic drives and motors up to 75kw, the double shaft shredder has very high torque and throughput capability. It effectively reduces large chunks of metal, plastic barrels, wood, pallets into small pieces <50mm in size.

    The machine has a heavy-duty welded steel frame and reinforced hopper to withstand high impacts. The shafts and cutters are made of hardened steel for longevity and resistance to wear and abrasion.

    This scrap metal shredder processes up to 6 tons per hour depending on material and motor power. Low operation noise, dust-free shredding, minimal heat generation, and low power consumption.

    Get it now at unbeatable prices for recycling centers, metal scrap yards, waste management facilities, and factories. 1 year warranty and lifetime service provided. CE certified and meets international standards. Contact us for a custom quote today!

  • 800 double shaft shredder for crushing large pieces of material and fine crushing

    800 double shaft shredder for crushing large pieces of material and fine crushing

    • Double shaft shredders have two parallel shafts fitted with an array of cutters that rotate in opposite directions and intermesh. This allows for high throughput shredding.

    • An 800 double shaft shredder generally indicates the cutting chamber is 800mm wide. Common sizes range from 600-1200mm.

    • These industrial shredders are heavily constructed, often over 10 tons, to handle large pieces of dense materials. Common materials are plastics, wood, paper, tires, metals, and e-waste.

    • They are typically used as the initial coarse shredding step in a multi-stage size reduction process. The output is usually 50-300mm pieces.

    • An 800 shredder can typically process 5-50 tons per hour depending on the material and desired output size.

    • After coarse shredding, the material often goes through additional shredders, granulators, or grinders for fine crushing into powders or small granules under 10mm.

    • Key components of double shaft shredders are the cutters, shafts, bearings, drive system (electric or hydraulic), hopper, and discharge system. Proper maintenance is critical.

    • They are normally equipped with features for safety and noise/dust reduction. Explosion protection is critical when shredding combustible materials.