Plastic Crusher

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Plastic crusher, also known as plastic granulators, are industrial machines designed specifically to reduce plastics into smaller, uniform fragments for recycling. They employ a hardened steel rotor assembly equipped with serrated blades that rotate at high speeds to continuously shear plastic material fed into the chamber. The sharp, rotating blades tear apart plastic pieces while screen grates or perforated screens underneath control particle output size. Common types of plastic crushers include granulators, grinders, hammer mills, and pulverizers.

The cutting action and rotor speed can be optimized to efficiently process hard plastics like PET, PVC, acrylic, ABS and PU. Quality plastic crusher are engineered for durability, low noise, and energy efficiency. They are constructed using thick rotors, heavy casing, robust rotary blades, large bearings and drives. Advanced designs may incorporate automatic reversals, hydraulic openings, sound insulation and customized screens. Proper use and routine maintenance is critical for performance and longevity.

Plastic crusher play a vital role in plastic recycling and reprocessing by reducing bulky plastic items and scraps into uniform chips or flakes. The shredded output can then be used as feedstock for extrusion, molding and other plastics manufacturing processes. Their versatility and high throughput make plastic crushers indispensable equipment for recycling centers, waste management facilities, and plastics processors.

  • Intelligent hdpe pp pe hard scraps Plastic Color Sorter

    Intelligent hdpe pp pe hard scraps Plastic Color Sorter

    This intelligent plastic color sorting system is engineered to accurately separate HDPE, PP, PE plastic scraps for efficient recycling.

    It utilizes advanced near infrared sensor technology and an innovative air ejection system to identify and sort plastics by color and resin type. Sophisticated software algorithms ensure precise detection even on opaque black plastics.

    The machine first singulates the plastic stream and scans each piece to determine its composition. Within milliseconds, bursts of compressed air eject target plastics into the appropriate sorting bins.

    With a processing capacity up to 2 tonnes per hour, this automated color sorter greatly improves separation accuracy over manual methods. The closed-loop air system ensures a clean working environment.

    Easy to operate, the system provides real-time production data and diagnostics on a user-friendly touchscreen interface. The PLC-controlled sorter requires minimal maintenance for 24/7 operation.

    Upgrade your plastic recycling line cost-effectively today! This HDPE PP PE color sorter will boost productivity, purity, profits. Customization available. Contact us for a quote!