Plastic Profile Extrusion

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As a leading manufacturer of plastic extrusion equipment, we offer high-performance profile extrusion lines for producing plastic profiles used in a diverse range of applications.Our profile extrusion systems are engineered for flexibility, efficiency, and precision. At the core is a heavy-duty extruder that provides a consistent, high-output melt stream into the die head. Interchangeable die heads enable quick product changeovers.

Integrated downstream calibration tables precisely cool and shape the extruded profiles. Automated haul-offs cater for lines speeds up to 10m/min. Conveyors, cutting and bundling units maximize efficiency and productivity. Robustly constructed using quality components, our profile extrusion machines deliver maximum uptime and longevity. Advanced controls enable easy monitoring and adjustments of parameters like temperatures and pressures.

Custom engineering assistance is available to match your product requirements. With our profile extrusion technology and expertise, you can boost the productivity and profitability of your plastic profile manufacturing operations. Contact us today to learn more!

  • Plastic nose bridge wire extrusion line

    Plastic nose bridge wire extrusion line

    Designed for efficient production of plastic nose bridge wires used in medical masks and respirators. This complete extrusion line expertly processes fine plastic wire with precision dimensional control.

    The system is built around a specialized small-diameter screw extruder with an ultra-compact design. It provides a smooth, consistent melt feed to the downstream line components.

    Highly accurate thickness control ensures the extruded wires meet the stringent requirements for nose bridge applications. The line achieves a diameter tolerance within +/- 0.02mm for wires from 0.15mm to 0.25mm thickness.

    An integrated 3-roll calibrator provides precise cooling and shape-calibration of the wires in a controlled manner. The automated haul-off and winding unit expertly spools the wires onto rolls without tangling or breakage.

    Easy to operate, this turnkey nose bridge wire extrusion line delivers high productivity and wire quality. Fast startup and production changeovers maximize uptime. With a compact footprint, it is ideal for mask producers seeking efficient in-house wire production.