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  • Three Head Chocolate Moulding Machine

    Three Head Chocolate Moulding Machine

    Three Heads Fully Automatic Multi Function Chocolate Depositing Machine is a new generation of chocolate food machinery suitable for the large-scale production of small and medium-sized food enterprises. It combines the advantages of advanced technology, uses PLC high-tech technology system to control the use of pneumatic components as the main multi-function chocolate pouring machine.

    This product is designed according to the international general standard and can be produced on a single machine, or combined with a supporting production line to produce various types of granular and block chocolate, such as pouring pure chocolate, sandwich chocolate, crushed nut chocolate, two-color chocolate, etc.

  • Chocolate Polishing Machine

    Chocolate Polishing Machine

    This chocolate panning machine  is used to polish various cylindrical chocolates with different shapes, such as round, oblate, oval, melon seed, cylinder, etc., to make their surfaces have good luster and color, and the polished chocolates are beautiful in shape.

    All kinds of cylindrical chocolates packed with colored aluminum foil are polished to make the wrapping paper stick smoothly and the geometric shape is clear.

  • Chocolate Storage Tank

    Chocolate Storage Tank

    The chocolate tank is mainly used to store the finely ground chocolate paste. The temperature control system can effectively control the temperature of the chocolate paste by controlling the water temperature in the jacket. It has the functions of heating up, keeping constant temperature and cooling down. At the same time, the continuous stirring of the slurry by the agitator can achieve deodorization effect and effectively prevent oil separation.

  • Chocolate tempering machine

    Chocolate tempering machine

    The chocolate tempering machine process induces the correct fat and size crystals in the chocolate. How this process is undertaken affects the glossy appearance, the snap, and the heat resistance of the product. Well-tempered chocolate gives a great appearance, snap and luscious consistency

    Continuous tempering machine is an automatic thermostat designed according to the characteristics of natural cocoa butter. By strictly controlling the temperature, the crystal is evenly arranged, so that the chocolate product is easy to demould, has a good taste, and is not easy to produce oil separation when the temperature changes, which is conducive to long-term preservation.

  • Chocolate Enrobing Machine

    Chocolate Enrobing Machine

    The chocolate enrober is a special equipment for producing various kinds of chocolate. It can dip and coat chocolate pastes on the surface of various foods, such as candy, cakes, wafer, biscuits, moon cake, dried fruit and snacks etc., You can choose to coat each surface of the food or the bottom of the food.

    Through our continuous design and improvement, the appearance of our products is close to the high-end equipment of the same kind in Europe and America, which is more beautiful and humanized.

    The length of the whole machine can be adjusted according to the customer’s needs, and the products such as baking, pastry, candied fruits and candies can be coated with chocolate.

  • Feeding Pump

    Feeding Pump

    Chocolate pump is mainly used for the transmission and lifting of chocolate slurry and other cream mixtures between machines. and the pump body is jacketed for heat preservation. Customers can choose different models according to the required flow. This series of slurry pumps can be used alone or together with other production lines that need to automatically transport chocolate slurry.

  • Chocolate Conching Machine

    Chocolate Conching Machine

    The chocolate refiner is one of the key equipment in the chocolate production line, which is mainly used for fine grinding of chocolate raw materials (cocoa powder, cocoa butter, sugar powder, milk powder, etc.).The equipment can effectively control the temperature of chocolate paste to ensure the quality and taste of chocolate.

  • Chocolate Melter

    Chocolate Melter

    The oil melting pot is mainly used to melt the solid cocoa butter, fat into liquid, and it can also be used to melt large pieces of chocolate into liquid chocolate paste, with the functions of heat preservation and storage.used in the field such as foods, dairy products, fruit juice beverage